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An In-Depth Study Regarding God's Purpose
For Man And How One Can Overcome His Life

Laura L. Whitley
"To him who overcomes I will give to eat
from the tree of life, which is in the midst
of the Paradise of God."  
(Revelation 2:7)
A Life to Overcome


My intention for writing this book is to reveal the truths
surrounding the Christian’s future in the coming age.  If
you have a strong desire to know the Lord and to know
your purpose in this life as well as the next, this book is
for you.  It provides a monumental message,
empowered by the Holy Spirit, that I felt compelled to
share.  This message is unspoken in Christendom today,
leaving Christians oblivious to their purpose in Christ.  
Therefore, the truths revealed in this book will be
“shocking” to some, and hopefully will bring them to a
realization of their calling.

Unlike the teachings of the 20th century Church,
salvation by grace is not the end of the Christian race,
but only the beginning.  The end will occur when this
age comes to a close and all Christians find themselves
facing the Lord at the Judgment Seat of Christ in the
heavens.  This is where the actions or works of all
believers will be judged.  Therefore, it would profit you
to know how to overcome your present life and fulfill
God’s purpose for you.  

I challenge you to not just read what is written, but to
study the truths presented alongside with an open Bible.  
But before you do this, I ask you to pray that the Lord
provides you with the gift of understanding and of the
full-knowledge (Greek:
‘epignosis’) of His Word.  To
aid the reader in the quest for truth, I chose to use the
New King James Version of the Bible in this writing as
well as Strong’s exhaustive concordance for Hebrew
and Greek definitions.  I also use the word “man” in this
book along with the appropriate pronouns that follow it,
in the generic sense of the term, to mean the human
race in its most inclusive sense.   

I begin the book with a story, to give the reader a
picture in their mind of what it will be like when the end
comes.  The actual events of the Lord’s Day for the
Church are revealed in the Book of Revelation.  In my
writing, you will find answers to numerous Scriptures
that were not fully understood in the past.  My goal for
this book is to present the entire Bible as it relates to the
central message — Christ and His future kingdom.  My
second goal is to beseech you to walk worthy of the
Lord and overcome your soul-life in this age so that you
may take part in Christ’s coming kingdom.  God speed
my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Laura L. Whitley