A Life to Overcome
An In-Depth Study Regarding God's Purpose
For Man And How One Can Overcome His Life
Laura L. Whitley
"To him who overcomes I will grant to sit
with Me on My throne
, as I also overcame
and sat down with My Father on His
(Revelation 3:21)
THIS book reveals the truths surrounding the Christian's
future.  It teaches one how to overcome his life in order to
rule and reign with Christ in His coming kingdom.  The
revelation of truth in this book will not be well-received by
every Christian; but for those who hunger for the truth of
God's Word, it will be a blessing beyond expectation.  
There is a prodigious amount of knowledge contained in the
Scriptures, which in fact is the
full knowledge (Greek:
epignosis) of God's plan of redemption for man; and, this
book will reveal this knowledge.  

The historical and spiritual content revealing God's purpose
for man, the judgment seat of Christ, and the inheritance of
the kingdom, as well as an in-depth study on how to
overcome your life, are revealed in all of their details.  This
book's structure conforms to Scripture, beginning in the
Book of Genesis, and after comparing Scripture with
Scripture within a type-antitype framework in order to
arrive at a correct understanding, it ends in the Book of
Revelation.  Only through this means, under the leadership
of the Holy Spirit, can one understand Scripture and realize
God's plan and purpose for him.

The truths revealed in this book, which the reader hopefully
will learn, could be termed
startling.  The Word of God
identifies these truths as
"a mystery kept hidden from the
foundation of the world."  
But unfortunately, the Church
(the "body of Christ") has, through centuries and most
certainly today, been kept blinded regarding these truths and
is therefore oblivious to their purpose in this life and the
next.  Because of this, most Christians have not realized
their calling and are walking in darkness.  This book is for
Christians who strongly desire to know the truth of Christ's
expectations surrounding their life with Him and
accordingly, aspire to become strong in the faith.  It will
equip them to have a sound relationship with Christ and will
prepare them for His second coming.  

This book begins with the foundation which God had
established from the beginning, a foundation upon which all
subsequent Scripture rests.  It includes the complete history
of man, following through with a proper exposition of the
Books in the Old and New Testaments, revealing God's
purpose for man and what the future holds, ending with
vital points on how man can take part in the glories of the
coming kingdom.

What you do in this life matter greatly in the next.  
And the
time is near.